Owner and Founder, Betty Flagle, was born and raised in Wanamaker. Today, she is a certified floral designer, receiving her degree from Design Art Floral Academy. She's been in this business for 25 years.

What separates Betty from other florists is that she has a genuine passion about her trade.  Not a day goes by that she's not excited about the next big event that she gets to design.  At Wanamaker Flower Shoppe, the dedication, customer relationships, product knowledge, and Christian family values are what separates us from our competitors.

Her grandfather purchased the building that houses the flower shop, known as "The Fansler Building", in 1928. He raised his family there, including Betty's mother. Betty has fond memories of running through the halls of the Fansler Building with her siblings. The building has been in her family ever since. Betty's 4 brothers and 2 sisters have always been an active part of the Wanamaker community. They all attended Franklin Township schools, as well as Betty's two children, Missy and James.

Betty's mother was also a floral designer. Even though she had her hands full with 7 children, her mother always made sure there were fresh flowers on the table.  She grew up by her mother's side, working in the flower garden. Many of Betty's childhood memories involve asters, snapdragons, lilies, and roses.  Clearly, she was raised to appreciate the art of floral design.  As a child, she dreamed of owning her own flower shop filled with beautiful arrangements and glittery treasures.  Betty was in 4-H as a child. Thanks to her mother, and her rather magical green thumb, Betty won grand champion almost every year. Her mother taught her many valuable tips and filled her with rich knowledge that she still uses today, and has passed down to her own daughter. 

In her late 20's, Betty decided to make her dream of owning her own flower shop a reality.  A suite in The Fansler Building  happened to be available and that's when her childhood dream was put into motion.

We invite you to stop by and take a step back in time, as you enter this timeless building,  feel the love that has always filled these walls, and enjoy a genuine customer experience!